Preparing Miami for Democratic Transition in Cuba

The Preparing Miami for Democratic Transition in Cuba project will help prepare our diverse citizenry for coming changes in Cuba. The two-year pilot program will inform local expectations & inspire the community to play a supportive role in a changing Cuba. Engagement will be achieved via 6 workshops, 2 town hall meetings, & a cultural series based on workshop themes & called Havel in the Streets.

The Preparing Miami for Democratic Transition in Cuba project reflects the Knight Foundation’s commitment to the promotion of informed and engaged communities. This project will engage Miami stakeholders in the Cuba debate in dialogue with experts and participants in the process of democratic transition, in order to prepare Miamians, particularly Cuban Americans, for coming democratic change in Cuba and for playing a positive role in such changes. The project will expose Miamians to a wide range of relevant information concerning the very nature of the process of transition away from totalitarianism, including international experiences, successes, failures, and opportunities. The intention will be to help the community manage expectations through a clearer understanding of institutions, procedures, policies and attitudes that must undergo change for a free Cuba. This understanding will then enable participants to play a part in encouraging and sustaining transition and reconciliation.