The Call of International Platform for Human Rights in Cuba to Action in an Emergency Situation

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The Call of International Platform for Human Rights in Cuba to Action in an Emergency Situation

Guillermo Farinas, the Sacharov Prise winner, a Cuban human rights activist, who has proven so many times in the past his steadfast commitment to the cause of freedom and human dignity, is finding himself on the verge of death. To stop his hunger strike, he set very simple conditions that are fully consistent with the fundamental principles of today’s civilized, that is essentially democratic world:
The Cuban Government is asked to promise to stop using violence against Ladies in White and other members of peaceful, non-violent democratic opposition!
The Cuban Government, instead of beating and harassing the innocent people who peacefully manifest their views, should open at least some channels of constructive communication with them and start the national dialogue with Cubans about Cuba’s future!
We appeal to everybody - on the left or on the right, in the United States, in Europe, in Latin America, and in the world - to raise their voices to support the Farinas‘ legitimate claim. Let us send together a clear message of our human solidarity to the Cuban Government
There is a brave man who is now dying under your watch!
Listen to what he is telling you!
It is not only the voice of courage, but of reason!
He speaks to you not only for Cubans who want nothing more than to live in freedom as any other nation on the planet, but for all of us who share his ideals and are ready now to stand up together on his behalf!

We sincerely hope and pray that you will act accordingly and will not let Guillermo Farinas die!

Martin Palous
Pedro Fuentes-Cid

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